About Campus Accountability

We are a group of independent advocates, students, academics and parents, committed to women's equality, autonomy and voice in the redress of sex/gender-based harassment and violence on campus.

The purpose of this website is to ensure that all forms of sex/gender-based violence are addressed under the best legal standards and that schools are held accountable when they respond in a manner inconsistent with state constitutional and civil rights statutes as well as federal civil rights laws such as Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and Title IV of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Many schools apply sub-standard laws when dealing with sex/gender-based violence, which was illegal prior to 2014 but was made legal under a new federal law known as The Campus SaVE Act. The SaVE Act modified the Clery Act and was incorporated into the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act such that schools now have authority to respond to sexual assault and other forms of violence against women under worse legal standards than ever before; far worse than standards that apply to the redress of violence "on the basis of" other protected class categories such as race and national origin.

This site is designed to provide parents, women, girls and all victims of sex/gender-based violence with information they can use to prevent schools from treating sex/gender-based violence as a second-class harm. Fully equitable redress is the only way to protect and promote women's fundamental rights to safety and equality in education.