Helpful Resources for Victims and Families

It Happened to Alexa Foundation

This foundation gives money to victims and support persons so they can afford to travel back and forth to participate in proceedings related to the redress of sexual violence.


National Partnership to End Interpersonal Violence Across the Lifespan

This national organization is comprised of professionals who work across disciplines to develop best practices and to ensure effective prevention and redress of interpersonal violence.


Michele Paludi, PhD, Jennifer Freyd, PhD, Paula Caplan, PhD, Jennifer Martin, PhD, Bernice Sandler, EdD, Mary Koss, PhD, Jackie White, PhD, Gail Dines, PhD

These women are highly regarded researchers whose work in the field of sex/gender-based violence has influenced public policy for many decades. These individuals are listed as resources because of their expertise in the area of sexual assault, but this listing does not imply that they sponsor or endorse all the opinions expressed in this website.